What a day!

I don't even know where to start. Today has been amazing. I have met so many wonderful bloggers and my brain is a little on overdrive to say the least. I attended two really good workshops today. I can sum up in one word what they were all about. That is "community." The Webster's definition of community is described as a unified body of individuals, a people with a common interest.

There was a strong sense of empowerment as I looked across the room of about 500 women. It was really inspiring to me. We are all women, wives, mothers, united in our passion for blogging. We are women who are strong, intelligent, and striving to do the best we can do in this thing we call life. Most of us are wives and mothers, but whatever we choose to blog about, we are united because we have a voice. A voice that resonates across the blogoshpere. We share our heartaches and our triumphs. We share our victories and our defeats. We hopefully share when we've made mistakes and when we've followed our guts.

I may not have the fanciest blog in town and that's ok. What I realized today is that I have to stay true to who I am. Who I believe God has called me to be. First and foremost I am a child of the most High God. Secondly I am a wife to an amazing husband and thirdly I am a mother to my beautiful daughters. I blog about the things that have made me who I am today. Overcoming infertility to become a mom, the passion I have to eat healthier and to share what that can do for others, and the everyday struggles and joys I have being a mommy to my two little girls. I am grateful if 10 people read my blog or if 10,000 read my blog. If something I say makes a difference in someones life, than I feel like I have accomplished what I was made to do. Thanks for stopping by.


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