Let me entertain you

Tonights entertainment is brought you by Sydney Kate.  You will never guess that she arranged it herself.  Enjoy!

(Yes, that is our mattress in the bathroom. We were having our carpets cleaned yesterday and needed a place to put it. Don't worry about the germs. We got a new mattress today. YAY!  Also, look closely for the pink ghost who makes an appearance at the end.)

A Thankful Heart

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know we did.  I host Thanksgiving every year because we have a table big enough to seat my whole family.  We had a total of 12 adults, 1 teenager and 7 kids under 7.  We had a full house to say the least, but it was so much fun.  I was so stressed making sure everything was on the table, I didn't take any pictures of the delicious spread.  Shame on me.

We did our annual Turkey Trot 5K at 8 am that morning.  I can't believe this was our 7th year.  We started back in 2004 in memory of our precious Zoe.  The weather was nice and sunny, so it made for a comfortable walk/run.

The kiddos participated this year in a fun run after the 5K.  Here they are all lined up waiting to run.

And here's the whole Darin clan after the race.  That's my 15 year old nephew Mario in the blue morph suite.  He ran the whole race in that thing.  Crazy boy.

After we run off the calories, we put them right back on when we head here.

My mouth is watering just looking at them.  Donuts are my nemesis.

After we stuff ourselves silly, we all head home and take naps and prepare for dinner.  Then everyone comes back to our house for dinner.  After we enjoy our delicious meal, the adults go through the newspaper ads in preparation for Black Friday.  I love black Friday, but this year I just couldn't do it.  I was exhausted.  I was in bed by 10:45. 

Did you all do any shopping?  I actually got some great deals at 9am the next morning so I was happy.  We also picked up our tree this weekend.  I think this is the earliest we've ever gotten it.  If you are looking for a great deal and live near a Costco, their trees can't be beat.  We got a 7-8 foot Fraser Fir for $29.99.  I wish TN could grow Fraser Firs because they are my favorite.  Unfortunately, they have to be trucked in from NC.  The girls have worked hard all weekend putting up countless Christmas decorations and we still have a ways to go.  I've had to tell them that it all doesn't have to be completed this weekend. 

We're on our way out the door to celebrate my brother in law's 40th birthday today.  Happy Birthday Bill!  We love you.

Wordless Wednesday


Does the title of my post today bother you?  It bothers me.  I don't like when I see Christmas abbreviated like this.  Some would say that I am being too sensitive.  That it's no big deal, but to me, it is.  As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, I am reminded all too much how "commercialized" this holiday has become.  I faced it head on this week when Brooklyn came home with this form for me to fill out.

Do you see anything missing?  I saw it right away and so did Brooklyn.  Where is the manger scene?  Yes, I realize the Christmas tree and Santa represent Christmas, but it's not my Christmas.  It's not what Christmas was founded on.  Let me say right away, that I do not fault my daughter's teacher.  She is fabulous.  I know teachers have a ton of work and they go above and beyond for our children.  I do not know who made up the form, but it makes me sad that Christ was left off.  (If you are looking at the picture next to Santa and wondering what it is, don't worry, so did I.  Brian looked it up.  It's a Scandinavian holiday called St. Lucia Day).

I was not offended with the fact that the paper was sent home.  I don't have a problem with that.  If I was a teacher I would want to know more about my kids and what they believe and celebrate.  What I do have a problem with is that if we are going to have other faiths represented, I believe that the Christian faith should be represented as well.  Yes, I am well aware that my child attends a public school.  It just seems to me that everyone wants us to be tolerant of other peoples religions and beliefs, but when it comes to being "tolerant" of Christianity, people get upset.

Personally, I am tired of it.  It's time to take a stand for what I believe even if it makes people upset or uncomfortable.  I will never apologize for loving the Lord with every ounce of my being.  I won't apologize for raising my children to become all they can in Christ and for raising them to stand up for their beliefs.  When I asked Brooklyn if she saw something missing in the picture she said, "Mommy, where's the manger?"  She got upset and said, "mommy, you need to tell my teacher".  I told her that I wrote on the paper that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Maybe you are reading this and agree with me 100%.  Maybe you totally disagree with me and think I am over reacting and being too sensitive.  That's ok.  Let's agree to disagree.  That's what I love about this country.  We have the freedom to worship whatever God we choose to worship.  However, that freedom has come at a cost, and today, on Veterans Day, I want to say Thank You.  Thank you to the men and women who have served this country proudly and to the families that have lost a loved one, THANK YOU for the ultimate sacrifice. 

God Bless America!!!


The big day finally happened at the Lord house.  Brooklyn lost her first tooth.  It had been loose for a week or so and on Wednesday she came home with it literally hanging.  She said it bled a bit at school.  She told me right away that she wanted to try the dental floss around the door knob trick when daddy got home.  Well, daddy got home and here's what happened.

So yeah, she chickened out.  I don't blame her really.  I remember I did that as a kid and it was not fun.  After bath time it was bugging her and so daddy wiggled it a bit and out it came.  Yipee!

In case it's hard to tell in the picture, it's the bottom center tooth that came out.  She was so excited to go to bed that night.  She couldn't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy was going to bring her.  I gave her my tooth pillow to use from when I was a little girl.  I didn't save much from my childhood sadly, but this was one thing that made it over the years and I am so glad it did.

I love the letter the Tooth Fairy left.  It was so cute.  Brooklyn was happy to receive $1.  She put it in her piggy bank to spend after a few more teeth come out.

What's the going rate in your household for a lost tooth?  I told Brooklyn that I used to get a quarter for my lost tooth and she just started to laugh.  So know we sit and wait to see which tooth will come out next.

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