Does the title of my post today bother you?  It bothers me.  I don't like when I see Christmas abbreviated like this.  Some would say that I am being too sensitive.  That it's no big deal, but to me, it is.  As we get ready to celebrate Christmas, I am reminded all too much how "commercialized" this holiday has become.  I faced it head on this week when Brooklyn came home with this form for me to fill out.

Do you see anything missing?  I saw it right away and so did Brooklyn.  Where is the manger scene?  Yes, I realize the Christmas tree and Santa represent Christmas, but it's not my Christmas.  It's not what Christmas was founded on.  Let me say right away, that I do not fault my daughter's teacher.  She is fabulous.  I know teachers have a ton of work and they go above and beyond for our children.  I do not know who made up the form, but it makes me sad that Christ was left off.  (If you are looking at the picture next to Santa and wondering what it is, don't worry, so did I.  Brian looked it up.  It's a Scandinavian holiday called St. Lucia Day).

I was not offended with the fact that the paper was sent home.  I don't have a problem with that.  If I was a teacher I would want to know more about my kids and what they believe and celebrate.  What I do have a problem with is that if we are going to have other faiths represented, I believe that the Christian faith should be represented as well.  Yes, I am well aware that my child attends a public school.  It just seems to me that everyone wants us to be tolerant of other peoples religions and beliefs, but when it comes to being "tolerant" of Christianity, people get upset.

Personally, I am tired of it.  It's time to take a stand for what I believe even if it makes people upset or uncomfortable.  I will never apologize for loving the Lord with every ounce of my being.  I won't apologize for raising my children to become all they can in Christ and for raising them to stand up for their beliefs.  When I asked Brooklyn if she saw something missing in the picture she said, "Mommy, where's the manger?"  She got upset and said, "mommy, you need to tell my teacher".  I told her that I wrote on the paper that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Maybe you are reading this and agree with me 100%.  Maybe you totally disagree with me and think I am over reacting and being too sensitive.  That's ok.  Let's agree to disagree.  That's what I love about this country.  We have the freedom to worship whatever God we choose to worship.  However, that freedom has come at a cost, and today, on Veterans Day, I want to say Thank You.  Thank you to the men and women who have served this country proudly and to the families that have lost a loved one, THANK YOU for the ultimate sacrifice. 

God Bless America!!!


Susan said...

Hi Krista, nice to meet you! I LOVE this post. I, too, REALLY dislike "xmas"...and so many people use it now. Our daughter Gabby attends a small Christian school and truly gets to experience CHRISTmas in every way. Our son on the other hand attends a public high school and is not allowed to mention Christ, Jesus, God or even pray out loud...we are thankful he has a strong foundation. So many people get upset with just the mention of Christ but yet every other religion/faith is totally acceptable. It's sad... thanks for sharing your post, I agree with you:)

LeAnne said...

Thank you for this blog post!! I love it!!

The Comptons said...

I used to feel the same way until I went to school to study religion and found out that "X" is just an abbreviation of "Christ" in greek. "X" is pronounced "cai" with a hard "c" in greek. While taking notes in Baptist history, my professor would always abbrev. Christ by putting X or Xn for christian. I do believe Christ and his birth is being taken out of Christmas but I wanted to offer a little insight on the whole "xmas" thing.

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