The big day finally happened at the Lord house.  Brooklyn lost her first tooth.  It had been loose for a week or so and on Wednesday she came home with it literally hanging.  She said it bled a bit at school.  She told me right away that she wanted to try the dental floss around the door knob trick when daddy got home.  Well, daddy got home and here's what happened.

So yeah, she chickened out.  I don't blame her really.  I remember I did that as a kid and it was not fun.  After bath time it was bugging her and so daddy wiggled it a bit and out it came.  Yipee!

In case it's hard to tell in the picture, it's the bottom center tooth that came out.  She was so excited to go to bed that night.  She couldn't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy was going to bring her.  I gave her my tooth pillow to use from when I was a little girl.  I didn't save much from my childhood sadly, but this was one thing that made it over the years and I am so glad it did.

I love the letter the Tooth Fairy left.  It was so cute.  Brooklyn was happy to receive $1.  She put it in her piggy bank to spend after a few more teeth come out.

What's the going rate in your household for a lost tooth?  I told Brooklyn that I used to get a quarter for my lost tooth and she just started to laugh.  So know we sit and wait to see which tooth will come out next.


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