A trip to the ER

Today started out like any other day. The girls and I got up and ate breakfast and then headed to the gym. Sydney was a little whiny when I dropped her off but I really didn't think much of it. We then went home and had lunch. Sydney wasn't acting sick. She was her usual self. I did notice that she didn't eat much lunch. She said she wasn't hungry. Then around 1:30 I put the girls down for a nap. They were giggly and goofing around and I told them that if they wanted to do crafts in the classroom down in the basement, they needed to take a nap. They both fell asleep quickly after that.

When Sydney woke up she told me she was cold. I felt her forehead and noticed she was pretty warm. She was still acting normal. Not sick at all. We proceeded to go down to the basement and by now she just wanted to sit in the chair. She said she was still tired. She asked me to go upstairs and get her a sippy cup of milk so I did. I had to go to the top floor to get her cup out of her room and then back down to the kitchen. I got her sippy cup and then I answered the phone. It was my mom calling just to check in and see how my day was going, something she does everyday. I talked to her for about 3 min and told her I needed to go back downstairs to check on the girls. It's not uncommon for me to leave the girls playing for a few minutes. They play really well together and I've never had any problems before.

I walked downstairs and went to hand Sydney her sippy cup when I noticed she was frothing at the mouth and I realized, "Oh my word she is having a seizure". I noticed that she was very pale and her lips looked grey. I immediately picked her up and dialed 911. At the same time I needed to call Brian, but since I was on the phone with 911, I had to IM him at work. I just said Sydney having seizure. It was all very surreal and happened so fast. I took her upstairs right in front of the door and laid her on her side. She was still spitting up so I wanted to make sure she didn't choke. I think she seized for well over 5 minutes. She stopped just when the paramedics were getting there. Then they took over. By this point she had fallen asleep. They took her pulse ox and it was 82%. Normal is 95-100%. They put her on oxygen and loaded her into the back of the ambulance. I let Brian go with her so that I could get Brooklyn settled with my friend and neighbor. Thanks Brandy for taking good care of her.

Poor Brooklyn was watching all of it. She handled it so well. I think her little 4 year old brain was just trying to take it all in. It was hard because I was trying to take care of Sydney, but still pay attention to Brooklyn. I knew this was tramatic for her. At one point one of the EMT's came over and started talking to her. He asked her her name and told her that her sister would be ok. As they were leaving I noticed that Brooklyn had gone upstairs into her room. She then came back down the stairs holding her doctor's bag. I wanted to cry. It was just so sweet. She wanted to take care of her sissy. My little doctor in training.

By the time I got to the hospital she was coming around. She was still really out of it. She just kept saying, "mama, mommy, mama". She wouldn't talk to me or answer any questions. This went on for over an hour. The doctor wanted to make sure she was her normal self before letting us go home. Thankfully she fell asleep for about 15 minutes. When she woke up she was much better. She asked for some apple juice and something to eat. She kept saying, "I want to see Brooklyn". It was so sweet. Then she said, "I'm tired, I want to go home to my bed". I knew I had my little girl back. The doctor said it most likely happened because she spiked a fever so quickly. We will have to keep a close eye on her for the next few days. I will be sleeping with her for awhile it looks like just to make sure she's ok.

I have seen numerous seizures before. My two youngest sisters have a seizure disorder so I know what to do and know what to expect, but when it's your child, it's heart wrenching. You feel so helpless. At one point when I had 911 on speaker, I just started to pray over Sydney out loud. I prayed in the mighty name of Jesus that her seizure would stop. Shortly after praying she stopped seizing.

I am humbled by the texts, emails, phone calls, and tweets that we received tonight. I tear up as I think about them. I can't tell you what it means to us to know so many went before the Lord on our behalf. I can't thank you enough for praying for our baby girl.

I'm exhausted and there is a little girl upstairs asleep that I can't wait to cuddle up next to. Please continue to pray for Sydney that she will not have anymore seizures. We will be following up in the next few months with a pediatric neurologist just to be safe since seizures run on both sides of our family and they can be genetic. Thank you again for your prayers.


Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

What a scary thing to have happen to your sweet little one, I can't imagine the thoughts that run through your mind during moments like that. I am so happy that everything seems to be fine, but we'll keep her in our prayers.

Lanesia Strange said...

Just wanted to let you know that Aidan and I are keeping sweet little Sydney in our prayers! Aidan hopes that he will be able to exchanged valentine's with Sydney at school on Thursday! Please let us know if you need anything...Lanesia Strange

Sonya said...

Been praying since we heard the sirens. Glad to know Sydney is doing ok. I will continue to pray.

Lisa Leonard said...

oh my goodness! that is insane. so glad she is okay and so glad it didn't happen while you were away! get some good snuggling in! thinking of you and wishing we could see each other much more often!!

Krista Lord said...

Thank you my sweet friends. So blessed to have you each in my life.

Chrissie said...

How very scary. I'm so glad Sydney is okay. Praise God.
Brooklyn getting her doctor's kit is so, so sweet.
Love you, friend.

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