Tuesday's Tip-Shop your pantry and freezer

Today's tip is something I'm doing this week so it's fresh on the brain. It's simple really. Shop your freezer and pantry for dinner. I try to do this every few months or so. If you are like me, you forget about all the food you have in your freezer. In our house that tends to be alot of fish, chicken and some beef. This is a cool tip because you save on your grocery bill for the week. For example, tonight we had spaghetti. I had a pound of frozen organic beef in the freezer. I had a ton of organic pasta sauce in the pantry. Another tip, if you have the room, always buy an item in bulk when it goes on sale. You will save a ton of money. I'm down to 6 jars of pasta sauce, but I did have 20. It was buy one, get one free and it's organic so when it goes on sale like that, whether I need it or not, I buy it.

I had the pasta already as well and so that's all I needed for dinner. Last night we had salmon and rice because I had some frozen salmon in the freezer and rice on the shelf. The nice thing about it also is that you clean out your freezer at the same time. I did have to throw some items out that had been there way too long (organic beef hotdogs from July 09 hidden under a big bag of chicken). By the end of the week I will have an almost empty freezer and pantry and it will be time to hit the grocery store again.

What meals are hiding in your freezer and pantry just begging to be made?


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