Tuesday's Tip-A way to reuse a baby wipe container

Today's tip I just discovered a couple of days ago. I had an extra baby wipe container laying around the house since Sydney is fully potty trained. Can I get an amen? So thrilled to have no more diapers or pull ups. Anyway, I put all of my plastic groceries bags that I need upstairs in the container and it works perfectly. I like it because it keeps them contained. I use a different holder in the pantry that is screwed to the wall.

I try my best to use the reusable shopping bags when I go shopping, but sometimes I forget and have to use the plastic ones that the stores gives out. Luckily, my Publix grocery store has a bin outside where you can recycle them. If you have a Publix in your area they have recycling trash cans in front of their stores that you can recycle plastic, paper bags and egg cartons. Give it a try.
Where do you store your plastic bags?


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