Today I thought I would post a couple of Syd-isms as I like to call them. Sydney Kate is my spunky almost 3 year old. I think she does or says something almost daily that makes me bust out laughing. I like to blog about them to help me remember them, but also so I can use them against her when she is in her teens and thinks she is too cool for mom.

Last Saturday I took Sydney on a mommy daughter date with me since Brooklyn was on a daddy daughter date with Brian. It was a beautiful spring like day and I was determined to get out of the house. I decided that I would take her to Target. As we were walking through the automatic doors I hear this sweet little voice say, "Thanks". It took me a couple of seconds until I realized it was Sydney saying thank you to the doors for opening up and letting her in. I just started cracking up.

Sydney is very polite and constantly says thank you to people, but this took it to a whole new level. I don't know how many times we've walked through those same doors at Target, probably 100 times in her lifetime, and this was the first time she had noticed it.

The other night, Brian was putting Sydney Kate to bed and he gave her a good night kiss and said, "I love you Syd". To which she replied, "You stink daddy. Look that way." and pointed the other direction. In Brian's defense I cooked garlic and tomato pizza that night and he hadn't had time to brush his teeth yet. Kids are so honest aren't they?
We took the girls swimming the other day at the gym (It was an indoor pool obviously) and I took this photo in the girls locker room. Here's the thing about Sydney, she is rough and tumble and not afraid to take risks. What you don't see in this picture is that she then proceeds to lift up her legs so she is hanging upside down in the locker. I put a stop to that real quick before she landed on her head. I don't need anymore trips to the ER. 2 in four months is plenty.

Syd may be a little tom boy, but don't let that rough exterior fool you. She is as sweet and sensitive as any little girl could be. She cries when you cry. She will say, "Mommy you sick?" "I pray for you". It's so funny to watch her play with her dolls and her puppy dog. She will say to them, "Sweetheart, you ok?" "Mommy's here, I hold you". It's hysterical when she puts them in time out. Oh my word. If you ever forget that a child watches every little move you make, you soon won't when you watch them punish their dolls.

She turned to her doll and said, "You are in time out and don't get up until I tell you you can". Then she will resort to spanking her doll if her doll doesn't listen.
Oh the joys of being a mommy to a toddler and a preschooler. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world even on the hard days.

What funny things have your kids said lately?


Tracey S. Houston said...

Audrey loves to put her toys in time out. The first time I noticed this was during bathtime. She put her duck in time out! I about died on the spot. And every time I ask why the toy is in time out, she says, "Don't listen." (As in, the toy didn't listen.) SO funny!

The Lane Family said...

This was a fun read and I just posted today some of the funny things my preschooler has said in the last few days!!! It really does amaze me where they come up with some of these things :)

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