Name Dropping

Saturday was a historic day in the Lord household.  My hubby went cycling with Lance Armstrong.  Yes, the one and only, Lance Armstrong. 

I guess I should mention that there were 1498 other cyclists among them, but whose counting.  The event was called Harpeth River Ride.  Cyclists from all over middle Tennessee came to ride.  You had your choice of 20 miles, 42 miles, 62 miles and 100 miles.  Brian chose to ride 62 miles.  Lance rode 100 miles.  Fun fact: this was Lance's longest ride since he competeted in the Tour de France last summer.  Brian was right behind Lance at the finish line.  If you look closely in the photo you can see Brian back in the red.  Way to go Brian.  So proud of you!

This is not the first time Brian has been in the presence of the greatest cyclist ever.  A couple of years ago, Brian booked Lance for an event in Salt Lake City.  He got to get his picture taken with him.  
Speaking of the one of the greatest ever, I told you that Brian got to meet Peyton Manning a few weeks back.  He had booked Peyton to speak at an event in Indianapolis and had the pleasure of hanging with Peyton for a few hours.  Brian said he's incredibly nice and very down to earth.  This had to be a dream come true for Brian since he was born and raised in Indiana and the Colts are his favorite football team.

Well, that's enough name dropping for one evening.  I am super proud of my hubby as you can see. 


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