Tuesday's Tip-Contain It

Continuing on with my theme for the Spring, Organization and Spring Cleaning, I thought I would show you ways I contain my "stuff" around the house.  I told you last week, that I love plastic and glass containers.  While, this is true, my new love is baskets.  I love the coastal feel and I just think they are pretty and organic.  I'm always on the hunt for a bargain too. 

I found this beauty while shopping yesterday at World Market.  I bought 2 of them because I loved them so much.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but this is a big basket.  It's 15 inch tall and will hold a lot of stuff.
They retail for $14.99 each (a steal I think), but they were 25% off so I got them for $11.25 each.  My plan with the basket is to keep one at the bottom of the stairs leading up to all the bedrooms and one by the door to the basement.  That way at night, when the girls clean up, they throw everything into the basket that needs to go upstairs into their rooms or downstairs into the basement.  Then I carry the basket upstairs and they can help me empty it and put things away. 

We will see how this works out.  The great thing about the basket is that if it doesn't get emptied right away, I don't mind because it's so pretty.

Another bin I have is a "To Do" container.  I have stuff in this plastic container that needs to be done, but isn't urgent.  For example, I have a pair of Brooklyn's pants that need to be sewed, bows that need to be fixed, a weather strip that came off the sliding glass door, etc....  When I get some free time, these things will get done.

The last basket I have, I call my "Party Basket".  When I was planning Sydney's birthday party, all the supplies for her party went in this basket.  That way I knew exactly where everything was and could get to it without stress.  I am now using it to store all of my Easter stuff, for when the bunny makes his appearance.  Obviously, this basket has to go up high and out of the girls reach.  This basket was a steal.  I got 3 of them in small, medium and large.  This is the medium one.   Around Christmas time, I got all 3 for $11.99, plus free shipping from Wisteria.  I don't shop online there much because their stuff is so pricey, but this deal I couldn't pass up. (I just looked at their site and they no longer offer the oval baskets any longer) :(
These are just a few ways I like to use containers and baskets in my home to keep me organized.  I am always looking for new ways to organize, so if you have an idea that has worked well for you, please share it with me.  I would love to hear about it.


Heather said...

Good tip, Krista! Hope you guys are well.

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