Scarlet Fever

I have always liked the name Scarlet, but when it's followed by the word fever, not so much.  I noticed a rash all over Sydney's tummy on Friday night when I was putting her to bed.  I went downstairs after she fell asleep and googled, "scarlet fever".  I just knew that she had it.  Thankfully the pediatrician is open on Saturday mornings so I took her in.  He looked at her throat and said, "It's Scarlet Fever".  I knew it.  For once I was right.

She had been on Amoxicillin the week before, but it didn't work and once again, I knew it.  Do you ever get those mama instincts with your children that something is just not right?  I did last week.  Tuesday I called the nurse and said, "I don't think the Amoxicillin is working".  She said, "Well we like to give it 4 days to work and since today is day 4 let's just see what happens".  I agreed with her, but was still uneasy.  Sydney wasn't complaining that her ear hurt anymore so I figured that maybe it was working.  Deep down though I knew it wasn't.  I can't really tell you why I felt that way I just did.

Saturday confirmed what I suspected all along.  Her ear infection had gotten a little better, but it was still red and infected (this was day 9 of 10 on the medicine) and the doctor couldn't believe she got Scarlet Fever while on an antibiotic.  By now she was covered head to toe in a rash.  Poor thing.  Thankfully it didn't hurt or itch and she continued to act like her normal self.  So she is now on antibiotic number 2, which is killing me.  If you have read my blog for awhile you know I hate medications.  I always try to find a natural way of healing if I can .  I am giving her probiotics to help her body restore the good bacteria that the antibiotic is killing as well.  (Note: If your child is on an antibiotic it's imparative you give them a probiotic).

So we will go back on Wednesday for her 4 year old checkup and hopefully the ear infection and rash will will be gone.  Lesson learned though.  I have to listen to my gut when I think something is just not working.


habecker said...

blog post suggestion: write more about the whole probiotic thing!

Krista said...

I will do that next week. Thanks for the suggestion.

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