Sweet Sydney Kate

Dearest Sydney,

Happy 4th birthday my sweet baby.  How is it that you are already 4?  It seems like yesterday your daddy and I were driving to the hospital that early Friday morning in March.  I was so excited and a little nervous to have another baby in the house.  Brooklyn was so excited to become a "big sister" although at 19 months I don't think she really knew what that truly would mean. 

The moment I laid eyes on you, I just cried.  I was so happy you were here, safe and sound.  I couldn't wait to hold you.  You were so beautiful.  You looked just like your daddy and still do.
I love how sensitive and caring you are.  If you see someone hurt, you run to them and ask them if they are ok.  When you hear an ambulance, you say, "Mommy stop.  We have to pray for them".  I love how at night when I am putting you to bed you say, "Mommy pray for me.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and for Satan to go away".  You love me to sing Jesus Loves Me while I scratch your back.  You favorite thing to do is cuddle with me.  Will you still want to cuddle with me when you are 13?
I love how rough and tumble you are.  You will run daddy over just like a linebacker.  You fall and get hurt and you just get up and keep on going.  I think the tough exterior you put on is really just a front for the princess you like to be.  You love to dance and sing.  I love to listen to you make up songs.  Syd, it won't surprise me one bit if you grow up to be a singer and a dancer.  You love to be on stage.  You aren't afraid of people.  You love to go up to complete strangers and ask them their names.
You love your big sister so much.  When she's gone on Fridays at school you don't know what to do by yourself.  You miss her.  The first thing you do when you see her is say, "Hello sissy" and you give her hugs and kisses.  That means the world to me. 
You are so strong willed.  I know sometimes that gets on mommy's nerves and sometimes I yell and lose my patience with you and for that I am sorry.  I want you to know that I love that about you.  I love that you are fiesty, stubborn, and not afraid to speak your mind.  That will come in handy for you when you get older.
Most importantly Sydney Kate, I want you to know just how blessed I am to be your mommy.  I am so glad God gave me you.  You are my life and I love you to the moon and back.  Keep loving Jesus and keep praying for all the sippy cups. :)


The Lane Family said...

She is so beautiful and what a blessing to your home and your life!!! Thank your for sharing her story and Happy Birthday to her!!!

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