Date night at the ER

I was thinking dinner and a movie for date night, instead we ended up at the ER. Not the way I had planned tonight, but then again nothing has gone as planned in the last 5 weeks. Today I started getting really blurry vision. Almost like there was something in my eye. I finally decided to go put some eye drops in my eyes and when I looked in the mirror, I almost fainted. My pupils were huge. Holy cow! Thankfully my parents were downstairs and I yelled for my dad. Sure enough they were dilated.

I called Brian at work and told him I wanted to go to the ER. He rushed home and we went. The dr asked me some questions and she figured out what had happened. Before surgery yesterday, they put a Scopolamine patch on behind my right ear. It's a patch to help with nausea after surgery. You can wear it up to 72 hours afterward. Well I forgot I still had it on and decided to take it off this morning. I remember the nurse saying I needed to wash my hands after I took it off. I did exactly that. However, I didn't wash my neck very well and I think I rubbed my neck then touched my eyes and it caused the dilation.

We just got home a little bit ago and I decided to hop on the computer to see if I could get some more information on this patch. Turns out that it causes blurred vision if you have a reaction to it. I think just having it on caused it. Another interesting fact is that this is the same medicine eye doctor's use to dilate your eyes. Go figure. Only I would have a reaction to this patch.

I told Brian when we got to the ER, that I didn't want to see the inside of a hospital for a very long time. I'm just completely worn out. It's all a little surreal really. Sometimes I can't believe that all of this has happened in the last month and other times it feels like it's been months. It's crazy how life can turn upside down in a matter of minutes.

I was laying in bed today and looked over at our wedding photo on the wall. I looked at this picture of two young adults with huge smiles on their faces so happy to be starting their lives together. They probably never would have guessed what the next 9 years of life would hold for them. All the years of infertility, finally getting pregnant with their miracle baby only to lose her at 21 weeks due to a freak accident. She got the cord wrapped around her neck in the womb. Thankfully 2 months later she got pregnant with another little girl and then another healthy girl entered the world 19 months later. How they desperately wanted to have another baby. In the next 2 years they would face 2 more early miscarriages. However, their sorrow turned to joy when they found out they were expecting again at the end of May. This time they just knew in their hearts it would be a boy. They had been praying for 2 years to have a son. They were right. They had a son. It just wasn't the way they had planned.

Funny thing about life is that you can make all the plans you want to and sometimes they turn out the way you want them too and sometimes they don't. I'm learning to accept that fact. I can't see the bigger picture right now in my sorrow, but I know God does. That's what I cling to. I trully find peace in that. It's not easy I admit. I am a worrier by nature and anyone that knows me well knows that. That's something I am really trying to work through with the Lord. It's exhausting to worry really, so why do I do it? I'd be rich if I knew the answer to that question, but I am bound and determined to be rid of the fear. A sweet friend came over yesterday and prayed for me before I left for the hospital. She said something that has stuck with me. She said, "When you get scared, reach out for the hem of His garment and hold on". I love that visual. My picture looks a little more like I'm holding on as he walks and I am being dragged along the ground like Indiana Jones behind a fast moving truck. At least there are no giant snakes or rats.


Michele said...

I just started following your blog and have really be praying for your family. I have to say, I also sometimes think back to our wedding day and realize we had no idea what lie ahead. I think we would have run the other direction:) Infertility, cancer, special needs child, it has been a rough road. But we continue to walk God's path for us.
God Bless Your Family.

Beverly Wooley said...

Krista - I'm a new reader to your blog (came here in response for Kelly Stamps prayer request for you). I've really been praying for your family and have been so blessed by your faith. I know God will use your testimony to touch many lives.
If you have an opportunity to do Prisilla Shirer's new bible study on Jonah, I believe it would really bless you. It focuses on seeing life "interruptions" as divine interventions.
Praying there will be no more hospital trips for you any time soon!

Heather Greene said...

Whenever I look at newlyweds' pictures now (and even ours), I wonder if that sparkle in their eyes will dim with whatever life holds. I am so grateful that one day it will be restored!
Our prenatal class tour of the ob ward (when I was pregnant with Trey) was exactly one year to the night that I delivered Hope. And when I delivered, they put us in the same post-partum room as the one we spent our time in with her. It was bittersweet to be in that room...

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