Back to School

Today was the girls first day of school and they couldn't be more excited. Mama was pretty excited herself.

I wanted to make it special for them so I bought some donuts and had them sitting out downstairs when they woke up. We enjoyed a sugar rush before school. Sorry teachers.

They practically ran to the door of the school and into their classes. Sydney didn't even look back. She just went right in and started talking to her teachers. I had to pull her aside and kiss her goodbye. She's becoming my little miss independent and I love to see her blossom.

After I dropped of Sydney, I turned around to take Brooklyn to class and she was gone. She had already gone up to her room. She didn't want to wait for me. Her room is just a few feet from Syd's and up a couple of stairs. Her classroom is massive. She's in PreK 5 so they want to get her ready for kindergarten next year. She walked in and put her backpack away, took out her lunch and got everything settled into her cubby. I kissed her goodbye and I was out the door.
My dad surprised the girls by riding his bike to their school. He lives about 5 miles from their school. They were so excited to see him. He came in with us to meet their teachers.

It was the easiest and quickest drop off ever. I couldn't believe it. I was ready to have some alone time so I got out of there fast. Where would one find some alone time at 10:00 am? Why the mall of course. I had to pick up this wall basket I had reserved at Pottery Barn and then I checked out the newly remodeled Restoration Hardware . Have you seen Restoration Hardwares new stores? Oh my word I could live there. Just beautiful. You have to check it out if you have one in your city.

I enjoyed my morning of solitude and at 2:00 it was time to pick up my little munchkins. I couldn't wait to find out how their first day of school had gone. Ms. J, Brooklyn's teacher, said she had a great day. She got a little hot and tired on the playground but other than that it was a blast. Brooklyn told me that she loved the science table in her classroom. She listened to the ocean through a seashell and looked under a magnifying glass at butterflies. I can't wait to see all the things she learns this year.

Sydney came walking out to the car with her teacher Ms. B. Ms. B & Ms. T had Brooklyn in their class when she was 3, so I was very happy when Sydney got them this year. Ms. B said, "Sydney and Brooklyn are so different. Sydney is a talker and very outgoing, where Brooklyn is quiet and likes to do things by herself". It was funny that on the first day she could see the different personalities of my girls. They really are very different and I love it. It makes life fun.

I'm looking forward to Fall and a great new school year. Can't wait til Tuesday.


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