Tuesday's Tip-Chalk Board Tags

Have you ever seen something in a store and you think to yourself, "I could totally make that and for way less money?" I do that a lot, but rarely do I have the time to see that to fruition. Today, while the girls were in school, I decided to make something that I have been wanting to make for awhile.

I saw some chalk board tags at a local shop a few weeks ago and I really liked them. They weren't expensive either, $2 each. I could have bought them, but I decided I wanted the challenge of making them instead. I've been wanting a way to label some baskets for the girls shoes and came up with this idea.

I went to Joann's and for .29 cents each, bought 3 round wooden circles. I drilled a small hole into each of them and then painted each circle with chalk board paint. I recommend painting each one about 3 times. Let the paint cure for 24 hours before writing on them. Then I just threaded some jute that I had through the hole. You can use any kind of string or even ribbon if you wanted. It's really that simple and I loved how they turned out. The whole project cost me under a $1. Not bad.

The baskets are from Target and were about $15 each. I just noticed I still have the tag on the back. Need to go cut those off.

Now Brian and the girls know which basket to put their shoes in. Now I need to figure out what else around the house needs labeling. Where could you use these tags in your house?


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