The Next Generation

I have lots to write about, but I've had a long couple of days and I am physically drained. For some reason the last couple of days have been emotionally hard. I'm just sad. I know grief is like that. You can be going along feeling like you have it all figured out and than, bam, just like that you fall apart. I just miss my son. I miss being pregnant. It's that simple really. When those hard times come, I give into the pain and just cry. It helps me feel better. I also think of the girls and how incredibly blessed I am to be their mom. That keeps me going.

I've been meaning to post this adorable video we took of the girls with their cousins. I recorded this after the concert my sisters and I did just a few weeks ago. We call them "The Darins" next generation. It's dark when I shot it so I'll tell you whose wearing what so you know which girl is singing. Brooklyn (green dress), Sydney (green top and jeans), Maiya (yellow and black top) and Sammie (brown dress) will know sing for you "The B I B L E". Enjoy.


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