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My sister Stacy, who is 15 months younger than me, is not only a great sister and my best friend, but she's an amazing person as well. She is an inspiration to all those who know her.

She has 3 children, Mario (14), Maiya (5) and Sammie (4). All of her children are adopted. Mario came to live with Stacy and her husband Bill when he was 4. Maiya and Sammie they adopted from birth. What's so amazing about my sister and her husband is that they have open adoptions with their children's birth moms. I think adoption is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to our family.

I wanted to post a letter Stacy wrote today on Facebook. It touched my heart so much and I know it will touch yours. I love you Stace and thank you for letting me share your personal story. To my beautiful niece Samantha. I love you sweetheart and I'm so glad I'm your auntie. Happy 4th birthday!

I woke up this morning to a "busy as usual" morning of trying to get Maiya and Mario off to school. After they were off to school with daddy, I immediately heard little footsteps coming to find me. As soon as I saw Sammie, I remembered....today was her 4th birthday.

I gave her a big hug and said..."Sam, 4 years ago today, I"...then I stopped. I was about to say "I held you for the first time"...but that wasn't true. I specifically remember meeting her for the first time and not being able to take my eyes off of her...but I didn't hold her that day. She was in the arms of her first mom, Jacquie, right where she should be. She was so beautiful. I will never forget that little face as we drove back to our hotel room and wondered how it would feel tomorrow to get the chance to hold her and even feed her. The next day I held her and tears rolled down my face as it felt AMAZING!

So today, we celebrate her birthday,..the day I first laid eyes on Sammie. 4 years ago, my little bundle of joy came into this world and changed our lives forever. But today we also celebrate Jacquie. What a blessing she has trusted us with. What a courageous decision to continue to carry Sammie for 9 months. What a selfless act of love to give us a gift that would bless us forever. Jacquie, we love you and celebrate with you on this day...Samantha's 4th birthday! We love you.


Karen said...

Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing. Open adoptions aren't easy. Your sister is a rock star!

Holly said...

Wow, what an awesome story! I sort of wish I had an open adoption with my bio family now! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful story! Adoption clearly can be a wonderful thing!

These Are The Days said...

Oh my goodness. My Sophia is turned four (we call her our bundle of joy)...explained in our adoption story. I was coming over to invite you to link up for Soph's birthday post. I want to help spread the miracle/message of adoption.
Pretty please. :)

XOXO, Jessica

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