What a day! It started out early with a garage sale at my parent's house. I left my house at 6:30 to get there and set up by 7:00. I always say I am never going to do another one again because it's always so much work for not alot of money, but somehow I always talk myself into it. I made Brian promise that if I mentioned I was going to do another one, that he would stop me. We'll see.

Brian came with the girls around 9:00 so they could play with their cousins. It was nice to have him around to help me out when I wanted a break. We sold stuff until about 11:30 so we could get to Brooklyn's soccer game by noon. I made a little over $65 so not too bad. The best thing, I think, about garage sales is getting rid of all the stuff you just don't need. I have a rule that if it doesn't sell it goes to Goodwill. It does not come back home. Do you all have that same rule?

The girls got rid of alot of their toys that they just don't play with anymore. Brooklyn even got involved with the selling. She would tell the people who came to look at her toys, what she was doing with the money she received. A portion would go to giving, a portion to her savings and the rest she could spend on a new toy. She's obsessed, that's putting it mildly, with Zhu Zhu pets. She can seriously tell you every name of every Zhu Zhu pet known to man. Her daddy collected Star Wars figures when he was 5 and knew everything about them, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Tonight we made a run to Target so she could get her new Zhu Zhu pet. Thankfully they are on sale right now for $6.99 instead of $9.99.

We had to be at the soccer field by 11:45. It was hot, 86 degrees, to be playing at noon, but the girls all took it in stride. At the very beginning of the game Brooklyn got a breakaway and scored her very first goal. I couldn't believe it. I was so proud of her. Unfortunately, Brian was walking up to the field and so he didn't get it recorded on his iPhone. Thankfully, my friend Brandi did get it on video and I can't wait to get it so I can post it. You are a lifesaver Brandi. Thank you.

Then it was home for a quick bite to eat and then off to get my hair done. It was much overdue that's for sure. I needed to get it done before our concert this Thursday night. My sisters and I are reuniting for one night only for a benefit concert here in town to benefit a feeding program for kids in the Dominican Republic. I can't wait. It's been 5 years since we did a concert and we've been practicing like crazy. It's funny how everything comes flooding back. It's been fun to listen to our songs. It brings back so many great memories of being on the road and all the people we would meet. If you'd like to hear our music, you can go to our fan page on Facebook.

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful weekend.


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