When daddy's away, the girls will play!

Cabin fever has set in. We've been in the house since Thursday. I just couldn't stay in any longer, especially since I am playing single mom for the weekend. Brian left this morning for Miami to run in the ING Miami Marathon for Team World Vision. Oh and I am totally not jealous that he is in 80 degree weather right now. Nope not me. This Cali girl loves freezing her tushie off and loves the snow. Yep. Let's just say I love to look at the snow from the warmth of my house and sipping on a cup of hot cocoa.

I decided I had to get out of the house today. My sweet dad came over and picked me and the girls up. He was born and raised in Chicago so snow is no biggy to him. He knows how to drive in it. Me on the other hand, would be in a ditch for sure. The snow has turned into ice. It was a little scary getting out of the driveway. We almost slid into a parked car across the street. Thankfully we made it the 15 miles to my sisters house.

The girls are now sipping on their hot cocoa and waiting for the brownies to come out of the oven. Then we'll settle into a mean game of dominoes before the girls have to go to bed. Then the adults can play.
I love winter nights with my family. I just wish Brian were here to share in it with us, but I know he's having fun stuffing himself with pasta as he carboloads before the big race. Did I mention he is also going to the Probowl tomorrow too. Lucky guy. That's ok I get my girl weekend next Friday at Blissdom. Can't wait.


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