OK I happened upon this new website for interior design and I am obsessed. It is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, as my mom always said. It's called Houzz. Why is it so great? Well I'll tell ya. It has wonderful ideas which you can bookmark into your own folder online. You can also tweet and facebook pictures. Here are some pictures that I added to my idea book.

My brother in law is putting in a butler's pantry for me between our kitchen and our dining room. I am so excited. It will look like this last picture except for the cabinets will be black with an aged feel. I bookmarked this because I like the hardware they used.

If you like to design your house as much as I do, than this site is for you. Enter at your own risk and have fun.


The Lane Family said...

My husband would like me to do more interior design in our home. I must admit that is something I have never been really good at..but this new website you gave may give me the help I need :)
Thanks for sharing!!

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