Cousins gotta hug

Brooklyn & Sydney Kate with their cousins, Samantha (aka Sammie) and her older sister Maiya.

I LOVE this picture so much. Aren't they such cute flower girls? I know I am a little bias, but what cuties. This was taken at my sister Heather's wedding back in November. What this picture doesn't tell you was how crazy that day was. The girls did a great job walking down the aisle together and throwing their petals, but the fun stopped there. Once Sydney got down the aisle she laid herself out on the runner at the bottom of the steps. She was done. Did I mention the wedding was at 2:00. Yeah, nap time. I knew I was in trouble when I found out what time it was going to be. Sydney is almost 3 and she still takes a nap everyday, for her sake and mine. Well she started to cry so Brian had to come up and get her. She screamed heading out of the sanctuary. Thankfully my sister hadn't come down the aisle yet. Then Sammie decided she was done and wanted to take a nap too. She fell asleep on my dad's lap. So that left Brooklyn and Maiya (the older girls) up on stage with us bridesmaids.

I am dreading watching the video at this point because the whole entire ceremony (45 min) I was trying to keep Brooklyn still next to me in a short dress and 3 inch heels. I was constantly bending over, but not too far as to not give the audience a show, and trying to whisper in her ear to be quiet. It was craziness. I was exhausted by the end of the ceremony and don't ask me what the preacher even said. I have no clue. All I cared about was keeping Brooklyn quiet and still. She's 4, like that's even a possibility. All in all it was a great wedding and my sister is married. I guess that's all that really matters, right?


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