Muffins with Mommy

Yesterday was one of my favorite days at the girls school.  It was Muffins with Mommy day.  We got to school early and headed into Sydney's class.  We dined on muffins and apple juice.  It was so yummy.  Sydney made a place mat for me with her interpretation of what I look like.  :)  She made a flower votive with her fingerprints on it and I love this "About My Mom" page. 
Then it was off to Brooklyn's class.  Sydney went with us.  Brooklyn's teachers Ms. J and Ms. P did so many awesome things for the moms.  I did my share of crying when I saw this:

and this.....

and when I read this....
You can probably guess which line just broke my heart.  I mentioned it in my last post.  My sweet Brooklyn is not really outspoken like Sydney.  She keeps things inside.  Now I know that just because she doesn't talk about things like her sissy does, doesn't mean she doesn't care or realize what's going on.

The last thing she gave me was this book.  It has all the artwork from the whole school year in it. 

She also made a votive for me too.  I can't believe my baby will be graduating from Preschool in 2 short weeks.  I'm gonna need a whole box of Kleenex to get through the ceremony.


michelle ellis said...

That is so so sweet. You have some kind, precious little girls!

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