Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear Dad,

Where do I begin?  I could probably write pages upon pages of how blessed I am to have you as my father, but I will try to contain it into just a paragraph or two.  Don't hold me to that.  Tonight on the way home from church, we were driving next to a dad on a Moped and his little kid was on the back holding on tight.  Brian kind of laughed and I told him that it brought back memories of when you would let us ride on the back of your motorcycle around the neighborhood.  I'm sure being the worry wart I am, that I was thrilled and petrified, all at the same time.

I remember getting up early in the morning, before the sun came up, to help you with your paper route.  I can still see the yellow hatchback Honda civic as clear as day in my head.  It was so full with newspapers, you could barely see out the window.  My favorite part was after you finished delivering all the papers, because then we got to go to Winchell's and get donuts.  I didn't know, until I was a parent, how hard you worked.  Throwing papers before you went to school, teaching high schoolers all day, and then teaching driver training after to school and then coming home to coach one of our soccer teams.  I don't know how you did it, but I am glad you did.

Most importantly, thank you for showing me how to love the Lord.  What it meant to be different and to stand out for Jesus.  I was often embarrased to have family meetings on Sunday nights as I got older.  I just wanted to hang out with my friends, but that wasn't an option with you and I'm glad you made me stay home and be together as a family.  Let me apologize publicly for all the times I was a brat and pretended to be sleeping on the floor while you gave your sermon, I mean talk. :)

I am so proud to be your daughter dad.  I am so glad my girls have you as their papa.  I know you love them dearly and I love to watch you interact with them.  They have no idea how blessed they are and my prayer is that you will be able to watch them grow up into beautiful young ladies.

Thank you for your unconditional love over the years and for being my hero.  I love you pops.

P.S.  Brooklyn is still waiting to give you 71 spankings. :)


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