Diamonds Are Forever!

Brian and I were laying in bed last night discussing the fact that 10 years ago last night we were getting ready to say "I Do".  We had no idea what the anniversary gift was for 10 years so we decided to google it.  It was diamond.  Let me just say that Brian got lucky when he married me because I am not really into jewelry.  In fact the only jewelry I wear is my engagement ring and wedding band and my necklace with all of my kids names on it.  That's it.  So he's getting off pretty cheap this year I must say.

I love this picture of Brian because, he will probably kill me for putting it up here, but I look at it and see a strong, athletic, goal achieving, perservearing, hard worker, manly man.  He pushes me to be the best I can be in everything I do.  He encouraged me to start running, who am I kidding, walking 5K's.  I am so glad he did because I love them.  I've learned to push past what I don't think I can do and I have beat my time every single race.  Thanks Honey!

I look at this picture and I see a caring, confident, hard working, positive and Godly man.  He was wearing a suit when I first met him 11 years ago and I always thinks he looks dashing. :)

This picture makes me smile from ear to ear.  I knew when we were dating that Brian would be an amazing father and I was so right.  He's caring, loving, encouraging and a human jungle gym for our sweet girls.

Brian, I love you with all of my heart and I count it a priviledge to be your wife.  Thank you for 10 years of laughter, love and for being strong when I needed you the most.  Happy Anniversary!


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Happy Anniversary:)

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