A new beginning

A month ago, I was getting ready for Easter.  I wanted to change my wreath on the door with my cross wreath.  As I took the wreath down, I heard crack....  I looked down and saw 2 little robin eggs cracked open.  Poor Brooklyn saw it all and just stood there with her hands over her mouth wide eyed.  She didn't say a word.  I felt so bad.  I had no idea that a bird had built a nest on top of the wreath.  The nest was still in tact and I didn't touch it, so I put it back on the door and prayed that the bird would come back and build again.

That's exactly what happened- the birds came back- and we were so thrilled.  I went online to see how many eggs the mama would lay.  It said that she would lay one every morning until she got to 4.  Then she would sit on the nest for 12-14 days before the babies would hatch from their eggs.  So yesterday we saw this:
The girls were excited to wake up to see if she layed another egg.  Just like the article said, there was another egg.

Will there be 3 tomorrow?  Stay tuned.


michelle ellis said...

How sweet! What a neat experience!

Jaclyn said...

Awww! That's so neat!!!

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