So I had food allergy testing today and it came back positive for peanuts and almonds.  Lovely.  We don't do peanuts at home, but we do eat Almond Butter, which I love.  So I will come completely off of peanuts and almonds and see if I feel any better.  I will have to read every single label and menu to make sure there are no peanuts in anything.  I also had blood drawn for Celiac and we should know within a week or so.  It's probably doubtful that I have it, but you never know.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  This is an incredibly difficult season for me.  I thought losing Jonathan was bad enough, but this has pushed me over the edge.  Please pray for Brian.  He is amazing.  I am so incredibly blessed.  He never complains, he just encourages and loves me.  He has hope when I have none.  He has to help me around the house and with the girls because I just physically can't do it.  He works so hard and I HATE that he has to help me.  I love you my sweet husband.  You are an angel.

In other news.  We have one fertile bird hanging out on our door.  :)  Can you believe 5 eggs?  From what I read, it's pretty rare for them to lay more than 4 eggs.  It's getting exciting.


Jodi said...

I too, am allegic to nuts. Be careful, restaurants use peanut oil for cooking. I had problems until I started asking. Hope this is the end of your problems.

Briapedia said...

Whatever, you're my dream girl. However, I do think you should get checked for the following allergies: cardboard storage boxes, junk drawers (that still have junk in them), t-shirts with sleeves cut off, minivans, and keeping with the same design style for more than 18 months.

Kimba said...

I hope that staying away from peanuts and almonds helps you tremendously! I will be praying for you as you change your diet. Oh no, that means no Chick-fil-a since they use peanut oil! :( I know you would gladly not eat that again though if it makes you feel better. I hope that it helps.

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