Hoping for an answer

I have been hopelessly searching for an answer to the dizziness I have been experiencing for more than 6 years.  In the last month it has gotten increasingly worse.  I have seen every specialist under the sun and they all come up with nothing.

Sunday night we were eating at a restaurant and got into a conversation with our server.  She was so sweet and somehow we started talking about Celiac Disease.  She had it.  Hers showed up as horrible acne all over her face.  She stopped eating gluten and it cleared up.  That got me thinking, not about me, but about Sydney.  She was a colicky baby and dealt with awful painful gas even as a toddler.  I remember nights she would roll on the floor screaming in pain.  To this day she complains of a tummy ache about 5 times a day.  We have an appointment with a Pediatric GI set for Monday.  As I got to reading the symptoms of Celiac, I noticed Sydney had about 1/2 of them.  I will push for her to have testing on Monday to see if she has an aversion to gluten.

I never thought about having Celiac myself until I talked to one of my best friends on the phone yesterday.  She told me that her father in law dealt with horrible dizziness that never went away.  They tested him for a neurological disorder and cardiac problems and they all came back normal.  One of his doctors suggested Celiac.  He changed his diet and went Gluten free and guess what, yep, no more dizziness.  I had no idea that one of the symptoms of Celiac was dizziness.  I don't know if this is the cause, but it's worth exploring.  Thankfully we have a dear friend who is an allergist who can see me tomorrow to be tested.

I'm secretly hoping I have Celiac.  I know that may sound strange, but it's treatable with diet and I'm so desperate to get rid of this once and for all.

If you or a child has been diagnosed with Celiac and wouldn't mind sharing your experience with me, please leave me some encouragement in the comments section.  I would so appreciate it.  Thank you.

Last but not least, looky here:

Hoping for 5 tomorrow.


Kimba said...

I will be praying that you get some answers soon for Sydney as well as for you! I can't imagine experiencing dizziness all of the time. Praying for wisdom and God's healing on you.

Elisabeth said...

I've been praying for your dizziness to go away and I'm so sorry you've gone through this for so long. I've seen many things in my local grocery (bake good mixes etc) that say gluten free. I've bought a few myself because my friend has celiac disease. I think Elisabeth from the view has it but I'm not sure.

The Lane Family said...

Hang in there!! I do not have any great answers because my kids do not have celiac disease but we have gone gluten free because my daughters pediatric GI specialist thinks it may help her tummy pains and other issues. There are great books out there with fun recipes and Whole Foods also has some great things you can use.

I also had dizzness and was tested for Celiac but mine was because of a large cyst in my brain that I had removed!!

Best of luck!!

Krista said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. I really appreciate them. Lane family can you email me and tell me more about your cyst? My last MRI was in 2009 and they said it was normal. Was it diagnosed through a CT or MRI? Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

This blog http://keepitsimplekeepitfresh.blogspot.com/
is written by Lissa who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1991. Her previous blog was http://adashofhumblepie.blogspot.com/ Both of these have recipes that are gluten-free. I have never read how she was diagnosed or about her symptons prior to being diagnosed but if you search her blogs and can't find any info, I'm sure you could email Lissa. She seems soooo nice. Good luck and I pray that you have an answer soon!

Karen in MD

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