Tuesday's Tip-Cleaning your dishwasher

I have two tips for you today.  It's your lucky day. :)  I have been using these tips for about 3 years.  We have a builders grade dishwasher that I cannot stand.  It just doesn't clean very well at all.  If it was in the budget I would get a new one, but it's not.  I'm drooling over this dishwasher right now. 

Here's the first tip:
1.  Before you run your dishwasher to clean your dishes, run hot water down the drain and turn on the disposal for 1 minute.  This clears out the dishwasher lines.  This has helped tremendously.

2.  This next tip I do quarterly or when I think the dishwasher is just not cleaning well.  Pour ½ cup vinegar into the reservoir and run an empty cycle. This will disinfect your dishwasher.


Elisabeth said...

We too have a builder's grade washer and I can't wait to get rid of it. I can't wait to try your suggestions. I love your tuesday's tip!

Cec said...

Wow - Love your tips! Thanks so much!

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