Tuesday's Tip- Mix your darks and lights

I stumbled across a product about 2 years ago that literally rocked my world, or at least my laundry world that is. I don't do the wash without it. Maybe some of you have heard of it or use it. It's called SHOUT Color Catcher and it is Fabulous!

What makes this little white sheet so great? I will tell you. I can wash my white socks with my red shirts and my white socks stay white. It's seriously like magic. I don't know how it works, and I really don't care, as long as it works. You throw one of these bad boys in the wash and your good to go.
This has reduced my loads and freed up some much needed time. Lets face it, the laundry room is not really where I want to spend my afternoon. A little tip, there is a coupon printed on the inside of the box. You get 24 sheets for about $3. If you use the coupon and find it on sale, like I try to do, it's even cheaper. I think it's worth it for the time, not to mention the energy and water savings.

That's my Tuesday's Tip. Hope it's helpful to you. Let me know if you use these at home and how you like them.


Allison said...

oh too funny! I used to do Tuesday's tips too and posted the same Shout Color Catchers! I can't live without them! :)

April S. said...

I just discovered these not too long ago on someone's blog and had to try them out. She suggested cutting them in half to make the box last longer, so I did and it still works great!

Rachel said...



okay, I am going to have to check those out now

Krista said...

April, what a great idea. I'm totally gonna do that. Thanks so much. Rachel, you will love them. Allison, that's too funny about the Tuesday's Tip. Do you still do them? I'd love to read them. Have a great night. Krista

Anonymous said...

These are one of the best products out there, or so I believe and use them all the time. I did just try another product right by them at Wal-Mart. Same concept but much cheaper and it is a cloth that you re-use in each load for something like 30 loads. I tried it and it worked wonderful as well.

Heather in IN

Pam K. said...

I do use the Shout Color Catchers in some of my loads. I haven't had the courage to wash whites right along with reds, but I do have some colored shirts that have white collars that take on that shade if I don't use the Color Catchers. They work great!

I would just like to give a shout out for another great time saving product, which is Crock Pot Liners! You find them right next to the Baking Bags that you use for turkeys and roasts. I line my crockpot with them no matter what I am cooking--soup, roast, chicken, or whatever. It saves SO much scrubbing of burnt on food! I love using my crockpot, but always hated that scrub job afterward! With these, you merely pull out the bag and throw it away! Sometimes there is a little dripping and you have to quickly wash out your crock, but it is SO much easier! Love them!

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