Tuesday's Tip (prevention of H1N1)

If you are like me you are a little nervous about the H1N1 virus that is going around. I think we all know someone who has gotten it. Maybe you yourself have been hit by the bug and I hope you have come through it just fine. I have been researching different ways that this flu and every other flu is spread. I came across a study that I thought was interesting. They did an experiment where they put 10 healthy people in a room with 10 people who were infected with the regular flu. They were told not to touch each other just to sit in the room for a few hours. Out of the 10 healthy people, 2 became sick. Then they did the experiment again with a new group of 10 healthy and 10 sick people. This time they were told they could make contact with each other. All 10 healthy people became sick. Yes, the flu can be spread through the air, but it's spread mainly by contact with those that are already infected. It can enter 3 main portals; eyes, nose and mouth. We pick up the virus on our hands and then rub our eyes, touch our nose, or if you are like my kids you constantly have your hands or fingers in your mouth.

This made me really think about what I am doing to make sure that my family and I are protected. As you know I didn't get the girls or myself the flu vaccine so I have to do the best job I can to help protect us from this nasty bug. I have definitely stepped up the hand washing that's for sure. I read that germs can get stuck under your fingernails even if you keep them short. So that prompted me to find nail brushes for every sink in my house. So that's my tip of the day. This is a cheap and easy one and I encourage you all to try this at home and with your kids. I bought my brushes from Dollar General for $1 each. They were the cheapest that I found and I liked these the best because they are small and easy to use.

Happy brushing and good health.


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