Happy Halloween

We had a wonderful Halloween. Sydney was a monkey and Brooklyn was a ladybug, purple ghost and housewife. Sounds like a weird costume right? Well she wasn't all 3 at the same time. The child kept wanting to change costumes. She is definitely a girl.

First she was a ladybug. She wore her costume to school and to our family Halloween party. Then out of the blue she said she wanted to be a purple ghost. I have no earthly idea where that came from. So off to Walmart I went to get her a couple yards of cheap purple fabric. She wore the ghost costume to our neighborhood Publix for games and candy. Well she decided she didn't like it, which I don't blame her. It was pretty lame and hard to wear. We still hadn't gone trick or treating so what was she going to wear? I decided to run upstairs and get her robe, stick some sponge curlers in her hair and give her a baby doll and make her a housewife. She loved it.

Finally off to trick or treating. It was a nice clear night thankfully. We were out long enough to get a little candy. Sydney got tired first so I took her back to the house, while daddy stayed out with Brooklyn.

Halloween was a success. Now where do I hide the candy?


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