A healthier cup of joe

In my quest for better health, I've been looking at the foods and drinks that I like to have and I ask myself is there a better alternative for what I am eating or drinking. Most of the time there is. I have found a new way to drink coffee that I would love to share. I really like coffee and am one that cannot drink it black. It has to be loaded with flavored creamer and sugar for me to really enjoy it. I drink it more in the winter than in the summer I have to say. I love to grab a cup when it's cold outside and sit down and savor every last drop. For a long time I've known the creamer that I put in my coffee is loaded with sugar and then to make it even sweeter I top it off with even more sugar or Splenda. Well over the past few months or so as I've looked at my diet and have been studying a way to eat healthier and more organic foods, I discovered 2 ingredients that have made my cup of joe better for me and I think even tastier than before. I decided to go to Whole Foods to see what my options were. I love Whole Foods because they always seem to have an alternative to the thing that I am wanting to get rid of in my diet. First up, was the creamer. I wanted something natural that was dairy free and soy free. What I discovered was Coconut Milk Creamer. They have it in two flavors, Vanilla and Hazelnut. I decided to take a chance and try it. I know what you are thinking, that it must taste like coconut. Not one bit. I don't taste coconut at all. It is so delicious. The other thing that was amazing about it was that it made my coffee frothy. The second product I discovered for a sweetener is Agave Nectar. This truly is better for you than any other sweetener or sugar out there. I have been reading many health books and every single one of them talks about this sweetner as the hands down best sweetner for you, so I decided to give it a try. Why is this the best sweetner you can put into your body? Because it is pure and has a low glycemic index. This is a great alternative if you are diabetic too. You want to try to buy Raw if you can. The one I bought is not raw because it's a little more expensive and I wanted to make sure I liked it first. My next bottle will be raw. (Raw is the best way to go with really anything you eat. Raw is better because no heat was used in the process of making it that would destroy alot of the nutrients in the sweetner) You can use this in so many other ways than just your coffee. I buy the girls plain goat yogurt that I used to flavor with maple syrup and now I use the Agave Nectar instead. I truly believe this is a must have in my pantry and I will never live without it.

Before picture of how I drank my coffee. I actually just used sugar and creamer not the Sweet n Low. I just threw that in because I know alot of people use Sweet N Low, Splenda or Equal. If you use these please do some research to find out what is really in these little packets. They are extremely harmful to your system. I used to use Splenda until I discovered how bad it was for me and then I switched to pure sugar until I discovered Agave Nectar.

This is how I drink my coffee now. See how frothy my cup is? This is from the coconut milk because I have never had a creamer do that to my coffee ever.

One more thing about coffee. If you drink decaf like I do most of the time, you might want to consider buying an organic coffee. The reason being is that when you buy decaf coffee from the store that is not organic they have used a chemical process to remove the caffeine from the coffee. When you buy organic decaf they use a water process to remove the caffeine. They have a great selection at Whole Foods and if you don't like any product you buy they will take it back no questions asked, even if it's been opened.


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