The Hunt for Spiders

Yesterday daddy took the girls on a daddy/daughter date to The Factory for a spider hunt. The contest was for kids age 3-5. They put out pieces of chocolate candy with spider wrappers and hid them outside for the kids to find. Brooklyn went looking on her own and daddy took Sydney around helping her look. They both did great and Brooklyn one 3rd place collecting 27 spiders. Sydney collected 11. Brian said that Brooklyn probably would have at least got second if not first place had he helped her. The other kids parents were helping them look, but Brooklyn did it all by herself. The prize was a $10 gift card to any store in The Factory. They had a great time and were so excited to show me their bags of spiders when they got home. I have a feeling the spiders will end up in the Halloween bucket to hand out to kids so we don't end up eating them all.


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