Tuesday's Tip (Sight Words DVD's)

Today's tip is for all you mom's out there with babies, toddlers or preschool aged kids. My friend Brandy introduced me to these videos almost 2 years ago and I love them. Thanks Brandy!Between my mom, my sister Stacy and myself we have 6 of them. They are truly amazing. I will give you an example of how they have worked for us. Brooklyn started watching the series when she was 2. Within a few weeks of watching them she knew her numbers, letters and colors. Then when she was 3, we started watching "Meet the SightWords". This is when it really hit me how amazing these videos were. We would be out and around town and she would say, "Look mommy, in and the". She was looking at the Jack in the Box sign and recognized the words. This would happen time after time and she would try to find words she knew. I couldn't believe it. Each DVD has 15 sight words on it. Sightwords are what they teach in kindergarten and Brooklyn learned them at age 3. I can't take credit for teaching her these words it was all the video. Kids love them because the music is great and it's colorful and they make learning fun. I would really encourage you to get these for your little ones. I'm using them now to teach Sydney her letters and numbers.

They are usually $15 each and you get them either online or at the Teacher Supply Store, but today I was at Costco and saw an amazing deal. You get all 7 in a box set for $59.99. That is a steal. This makes a great Christmas gift! If grandparents are looking for something to get their grandkids that would truly be an investment in your child's learning I would pass this on to them. I love Costco and just like alot of their stuff it only is around for a short time, so you probably want to get these within the month if you are interested. I promise you won't be sorry

On a total random note, I also found these cute Madame Alexander dolls for the girls for Christmas and the best part was the price. Just $24.99. The blonde one is for Brooklyn and the dark haired one is for Sydney. I heart Costco!


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