Daddy Daughter Date

One of the fun things we like to do is daddy/daughter dates and mommy/daughter dates. It gives us one on one time with the girls. Tonight daddy took Sydney Kate to Dick's Sporting Goods to look for a reflective runners bib. He said she had a blast playing with the mannequins. He got some great pictures with his iPhone. Here is one of my favorites because I love her expression in it. This is just classic Sydney. Always smiling.

I stayed home with Brooklyn and we made ice creams sundaes. She had vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles. She loved smushing it around and watching the colors of the sprinkles turn the ice cream different colors. I didn't get a picture of it, but I wished I had.

Tonight when I was putting Brooklyn to sleep she said, "Mommy sorry for being mean today". Oh that melted my heart. She has the sweetest spirit about her, but she has a hard time controlling her anger when she is really mad. I am so glad she recognizes when she has done something wrong. The other night she prayed to Jesus and told Jesus she was sorry for getting mad. I love you my sweet Brooklyn. I so enjoy our times together. You too Sydo.


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