On the high seas

No Switcheroo Sunday today because I am on a cruise. Whoohoo. Brian and I were blessed to be able to go on the new cruise ship from Royal Caribbean called Oasis of the Seas. If you haven't heard about it it's the biggest cruise ship in the world. It was featured on Good Morning America on Friday. This thing is unbelievable. I have a few pictures I can post now, but I left my cord to my "big girl" camera at home so I can't download them til I get back so I will have to do with the ones I took on my iPhone. This ship holds 6,000 people. We have about 3,200 on board right now. Mostly travel agents and people in this industry. The ship officially sails, with paid customers, on Dec 1st. We are in an amazing 300 sq ft room.

We found out today that this room goes for $8000 a person for a 7 day cruise to the Virgin Islands. Needless to say we will never step foot on this ship again, so we're trying to take it all in.

This is the waiting area before boarding. We got to board about 2 hours early which was nice.
We were in a junior suite so we got to hang in comfy chairs while we waited. (Kathy and Duane Ward on the right and Tyler and AnaLee Ward on the left)
The party at night in the middle of the cruise. They were doing the YMCA dance.

This is the carousel that was handcrafted out of wood. It was simply beautiful. The girls would have loved it.
Brian talked me into doing the zip line. I do not like heights, but he told me to do it for the girls. To show them that their mommy can overcome her fears. So I did this for you B and Syd. It actually was pretty fun. We were 8 stories up and I looked straight ahead the whole time.

We are having a blast. There is so much to do on this cruise it's unbelievable. They have 2 rock climbing walls, 2 Flowriders (Brian did both of them), a mini golf course, Zip line, A floating bar (it goes up and down 3 floors,) a parade at night in the middle of the ship with acrobats in the air, an ice skating show, the musical Hairspray, high divers and synchronize swimmers, and on and on. There is just so much to see. It doesn't even feel like you are on a ship. You really feel like you are in a mall or a little city. Unbelievable.
On another note, we were waiting in line to get wrist bands for the zip line, when Brian got a call from my sisters Stacy. She knew not to call me because she knows me all to well. She knew I would have freaked out, but Sydney had fallen out of the parked SUV, and hit her head on the curb. She cried for a bit, but then seemed fine. They decided to take her to Vanderbilt ER to have her checked out. Of course, I was a little emotional to say the least. I just hated that my baby was hurt and I couldn't be their to hold her. Thankfully the doctor checked her out and she also had an x-ray done and everything was fine. Call it mother's intuition but I had a feeling something was gonna happen today. It was just an uneasy feeling I had all day. I am so thankful the Lord protected my baby girl. A big thank you to my sisters who took care of her and Brooklyn today while at the ER. I am so blessed with such amazing family. It's hard being in the middle of the ocean and not having cell service because I want to call and check up on her, but I just have to rest and have faith that the Lord is taking care of them. Thank you Lord for protecting my baby from what could have been a really bad situation.


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