My former life

(me, Heather, Rachelle, Stacy)
I was blessed to grow up with 3 amazing sisters. My mom had 4 girls in 5 years. I'm not sure how she did it to be honest with you. I know what it's like to have two girls 19 months apart and that's hard enough, I can't imagine 4 under the age of 5. Let's not forget about my poor dad who was surrounded by women. He got his little boys when we all decided to be jocks and play sports. We grew up playing soccer and softball in Southern California. I loved my life as a child. We had so much fun. My parents taught us to love and fear the Lord. They celebrated their 40th anniversary this past August. I am blessed to have them as parents and they are wonderful grandparents to our girls. My sisters were and are my best friends. It was so nice to have your friends constantly with you. Little did I know when we grew up we would sing together. For those of you that don't know me personally, I traveled with my sisters as Christian Recording Artists from 1999-2005. We traveled all over the country together and had a blast. We were blessed to record 2 albums and get to minister to so many all over the country. It was truly a family affair. Dad drove our motorhome, mom ran our merch table and Stacy's husband Bill ran our sound. I knew since I was in high school that I wanted to be a singer. So when it actually happened, it was a dream come true. The other artists we met and the people we came in contact with at the churches are embedded in my mind and heart. The best part about it was being on stage with my sisters. Lifelong memories I will never forget. There are days that I miss being on stage and getting to minister to people who are truly hurting. It was rewarding and humbling to know that our songs made a difference in peoples lives. I am thankful that God used me, used us, the way He did. Back in October we flew home to California to sing for our high school to raise money for their new performing arts center. It was so great to relive old times with my sisters once again. While we were out there we stopped at Costco to get gas and we were listening to The Fish in L.A. and on came "Can't Stop". We acted like it was the first time we had heard our song on the radio. It never gets old and I want to thank The Fish for continuing to play our music after all these years. Y'all rock!

My youngest sister Heather got married Nov. 7th. It was a fun time of the family coming together to celebrate their union. Brooklyn and Sydney were flower girls, along with Stacy's girls, Maiya and Sammie. They did a great job walking down the aisle and dropping the petals on the floor. Once they got down the aisle, everything changed. Sydney decided to lay down at the end of the aisle because it was 2:00 and past her naptime. Daddy had to take her out when she started to cry. I had to try to keep Brooklyn still while I was on stage. That is not easy in 4 inch heals and a short strapless dress during a 45 min ceremony. Thank God Heather and Phillip had their backs to us and didn't see the chaos that was happening. The rest of the church did though. A little embarrassing, but there was not much else I could do since I was a bridesmaid. I'm sure the video will be quite a sight to see.
It was a wonderful day and I am so happy for my sister as she starts her new life with her husband. I wish them all the best and many, many children. :)

Left to Right: My sister Stacy, not related by blood, but a sister nonetheless, Jamie, my sister the bride, Heather, my sister Rachelle and me. I had to be hidden because this was after the reception and I had already changed clothes back into to jeans and a tank top.


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