Tuesday's Tip-Recordable Book

This is my last Tuesday's Tip before Christmas and I saved the best for last. I love, love, love this gift. We did this for the girls for Christmas last year and they absolutely love it.

Have you seen these recordable books? They are available at Hallmark Stores for $29.99, but it looks like they are $10 off of that price right now, which is a great deal.

Last year Brian and I recorded "The Night Before Christmas". We each took a turn reading a page. Brian got all the Santa parts and he sounded so much like Santa the girls really thought it was Santa.

This year my mom and dad, Nana & Papa, are recording "The Very First Christmas" for the girls. I highly recommend having grandparents do this for their grandchildren. I so wish I would have thought about doing this last year as a gift to the girls from their grandparents. I wish I would have had Brian's dad, the girls PeePaw, do one last Christmas so the girls could hear his voice whenever they missed him. It would be nice to hear his voice again too.

They also have non holiday books as well. We bought one for Brian's mom to do for the girls. It is so cute. It's called "Thank you, God, for Everything!"
We'll bring it to Indiana when we see her at Christmas and she can record it and then give it to Brooklyn and Sydney. The books come with a lock so that after you record it, you can put it in lock mode and then screw the cover back on. The only way it can be erased is if you unscrew the compartment and push a button. Thankfully most kids don't know how to use a screwdriver at this age.

Tell the grandparents in your lives about these books. They seriously are the best gift ever. I think about all the toys my girls have gotten over the years that are broken or forgotten about, but these books will be keepsakes they can share with their children.

If it's too late for Christmas, think about what a great gift this would make for Valentine's Day. Ok, you are probably sick of me talking about this book, but I just think there is no better keepsake for my children then to hear their grandparents voice whenever they want.

Stay safe shopping out there y'all. It's crazy.

(I did not get paid to advertise these books, nor did I get a free one. I should though right? I just love them and wanted to pass on my knowledge to y'all).


happymomof2 said...

My parents did the First Christmas for my kiddos and my niece and nephew- it is a FABULOUS gift!!! They recorded it just like you suggested each taking turns etc... I know my kiddos will cherish this forever. I too HIGHLY recommend it!!!!

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