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I'm watching the girls take a warm bubble bath after playing in the snow with daddy this morning. It started to fall yesterday and has really stopped. I've lived in Nashville 11 years now and don't remember snow this early. It's not even winter yet. I guess the girls and I will be staying at home today.

Yesterday we had Brian's work party to go to. I always look forward to his office Christmas party and this one did not disappoint. We went to the Nashville Dinner Theatre to see "A Scattered, Smothered, & Covered Christmas" featuring Joyce DeWitt (Janet) from Three's Company. It was such a great original musical. It had really funny bits and some tear jerker moments as well. The food was yummy and I got to get dressed up and hang with my hubby. It was fabulous. If you live in Nashville, you must go see it.

When we walked into the theatre at 1:00 it was snowing a bit, but when we came out at 5:00 it was bitterly cold and the snow had fallen at a pretty fast rate. I knew we would be in for a fun drive home. Luckily we were in a tour bus, that Brian's boss owns, so we were comfy and safe. When we got back to the office is when we had to get back into our own car. That's when the real fun began.

We were fine until we got into our neighborhood. We live on the top of a hill and I knew it would be a slippery ride. We tried to go up the main thoroughfare but there were too many cars at the side of the road and 3 firetrucks were in our way, so we had to turn around and go a back way to our house. When we got onto the side road we came upon a truck that was pulled over at the side of the road in a ditch. He was facing oncoming traffic and had no lights on. Brian said, "I think we should pull over and see if they need help". As soon as he said those words our car slammed into the side of the truck and all I heard was this horrible scrapping sound. Then the side mirror flew off. It all happened so fast. Thankfully no one was hurt. Brian got out of the car to talk with the guy. He was an EMS worker on his way to the hospital to start his shift. Thankfully he was cool about it all and it was so cold and dark, we just exchanged names and phone numbers and we were off. I didn't want anyone else hit or hurt. So much for being a good samaritan.

Here is the amazing thing. There is not a scratch on our car. I don't get it. The mirror is gone and something is wrong with the tires and steering, but not a scratch on the body. So crazy. The guys truck has a small dent in the door, but that's it. So know the fun starts with the insurance company. Brian just left to go get a rental car and we will call to get the car towed to auto body shop. Oh yeah, left out the best part of the story. So we couldn't get our car home last night after the accident. So we had to park it at the clubhouse and walk up the huge hill to our house. That hill is a bear in normal weather, but at 20 degrees, in 35 mile an hour winds, with snow falling fast and in 3 inch high heels, it was unbearable. At one point Brian said I could hop on his back and he'd carry me, but I didn't want to do that to the poor guy. Needless to say, I was never so happy to get inside my warm and cozy house and hug my sweet girls. I'm gonna chalk this one up to making a memory.

I was thankful that the girls Auntie Jamie and her friend Ashley were their to take such good care of them. They also got stuck at our house and had to spend the night. By the time 7:00 rolled around the hills were just too dangerous for them to get their car down. The police even decided to close the two main roads to our house because there were so many cars off the side of the road, they didn't want anymore accidents.

I wouldn't want to be working for an auto insurance agency or a rental car agency today. They are slammed. I'm thankful we got a rental car when we did because they will run out of cars for sure. There have been 442 accidents in Middle Tennessee alone, 109 of those are still on the road. We haven't seen this cold of temps in Nashville since 1942, according to The Tennesean. Tonight it will be a low of 6. I'm praying that the girls have school tomorrow so they can have their parties and do their Christmas program for all of the parents. Hopefully some of this snow will melt this afternoon before the single digits tonight.

Stay safe and warm out there everyone.


happymomof2 said...

I hear ya- I cannot believe all the snow we have gotten already. I live in Ky. We had our first snow day today which I lOVED because we slept in this morning and spent the day in pj's playing board games:) Hope you get everything straightened out with the accident; stay safe and warm!

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