Tuesday's Tip- A great tool for children

I'm continuing on my Tuesday's Tip with gift ideas for Christmas. This gift idea I have had planned since the beginning of the year. It's all about teaching your kids how to save, give, spend wisely and invest. I truly believe we should teach our kids these principles at a young age to prepare them to be responsible with their money as teenagers and young adults.

It's called the Money Savvy Pig created by Money Savvy Generation. How great is this piggy bank? It's not your average piggy bank. I love how it is clearly marked for the 4 different categories. It comes in a pig (6 different colors) and a cow. I ordered my pigs from Amazon.com because they have free shipping if you spend $25 or more. The piggy & cow bank retails for $16.99 each. I think Santa will be giving the girls a head start with some change in their piggy banks come Christmas morning. You can check out Money Savvy Generation for some really great financial ideas and tips and to see the collection of their banks.


Rachelle Darin said...

Auntie RoRo should had one of these when I was younger. May of kept me out of trouble! Haha:)
This is an awesome idea! LOVE LOVE IT!!

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