Mighty Trikes

This past Saturday Brooklyn and Sydney competed in a local little kids triathlon. Made for kids 3 and up, it starts with two laps around the parking lot on their bikes, a run around a little obstacle course, and then the 'swim' is a finishing dash through sprinklers. Brooklyn was especially excited as she'd just gotten her knew bike, which had its own matching sports bottle, "just like a triathlon bike!" as she proudly proclaimed. What really hit me through this whole thing is how much and what the girls see in my triathlon activities. In the week leading up to their triathlon, both of them continuously wanted to put Gatorade in their sports bottles (we got one for Syd, too) and the two of them would stop every 20 feet or so to take a drink.

Syd was in one of the first groups. Rather than trying to put down the hammer on the bike, she leisurely enjoyed her time going around the parking lot on the old bike she'd just inherited from her big sister. She made it through the obstacle course just fine, but got held up at the sprinklers. She didn't want to run through for some reason, and in the process of starting, stopping, and turning around, she got completely drenched.

Brooklyn was in one of the later groups, and she really powered through on the bike. She was much more certain of herself this year. She went through the obstacle course quickly, but she decided to politely wait behind other kids rather than pass them. The highlight for me of Brooklyn's triathlon was the 'swim'. As she ran through the sprinklers, she had the biggest smile on her face. I could really tell she was having a great time. Last year, she didn't even grin. She picks stuff up from the triathlons we watch, and I always make sure to point out that Chrissie Welllington, currently the best female triathlete on earth, always has a huge smile on her face as she's crushing the competition. Brooklyn is very competitive, and hates to lose even as a four year old, so its worries me that she might pick up Daddy's (and probably Mommy's) tendency to try so hard that you don't enjoy yourself. However, she kept smiling and gave me a big hug after running through the finish line.

The girls got their medals, treats, and McDonald's toys and we headed home.

Whenever I get done with a long workout, I'll take an ice bath. Syd demanded on getting home that she wanted to take an ice bath as well, since she'd done a triathlon that morning. Granted, hers was about 5 minutes and mine are usually 2 or 3 hours, but I wasn't about to stop her. I filled the bath up with warm water, and threw in about 20 ice cubes, which melted almost immediately. Syd grabbed the shirt that she'd worn at the race and hopped in the bath. "Syd, what are you doing?" I asked. And then it occurred to me that she's just copying daddy, but in her own way. After I take an ice bath, I'll rinse out my recently used shirt in the water just in case the laundry doesn't get done that day. Syd just decided to not wait till after the bath. Its crazy what kids pick up. Brooklyn saw that, and did the same.

Can't wait until next year. Brian


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