Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

My Dearest Brooklyn,

Happy 5th birthday my sweet daughter. 5 years ago, you turned our sorrow into joy when you entered the world. I was so happy to see your face and to hold you for the first time. All the worrying I had done for 9 months had come to an end.

You were here and you were mine. You were perfect in every way.

I love being your mommy. I love watching you grow and explore new things. You are so smart. You love to learn and you love maps and flags. You know all 7 continents and can't point them out on a map. You love to paint and draw. Yesterday I asked you to write some of the words that I said and you got them all right. You spelled cat, dog, and egg.

You love to dress up. You love to wear necklaces, bracelets and hats. You change your outfit at least 3 times a day and sometimes even more. You love to wear dresses. Although today you surprised me and wanted to wear jeans. I couldn't believe it.

At your check up today, you had grown 3 inches and gained 3 pounds in the last year. You are in the 80th percentile for your height and 50 percentile for your weight and BMI. The doctor said if you kept growing this way you would probably be 5'7 when you grow up.

Most importantly Brooklyn, I love how you love Jesus and that makes me happy. You love to sing songs about Him and you have a beautiful voice. I could listen to you and sissy sing your Bible songs all day long. You are also very protective of your sissy. You all will fight, but in the end you love her so much. You are best friends and I am so glad you have each other.

Brooklyn you constantly make me laugh and I love to see those cute dimples of yours. You love to give me hugs and kisses and you like me to tickle your back when I'm putting you to sleep. You are always asking me to put pictures of you on my blog so I thought I would take the pictures of all of the birthdays you've had so far and post them. It's hard to believe you were this little.

(Years 2 & 3 are on my hard drive that I still need to download. Will try to do that this weekend.)

I love you with all of my heart baby girl. You are my pride and joy. Love, Mommy.


Rachelle said...

I can't believe how fast she has grown and the little "big girl" she has become! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I am blessed beyond words to be her Auntie! Brooky I love you and praise God for your life! Happy Birthday "B"!
Love Auntie RoRo:)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! I hope she had a great day!

Natalie.Rob.Branson said...

She is beautiful, isn't she? I hope are little Brooklyn can be as happy, smart and pretty as she is :)Happy Birthday to her!
You are such an incredible mother, she is blessed to have you!

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