Tuesday's Tip-Danger lurking in your child's bath toys

I had to post today's tip. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears when I saw this clip on the Today Show. If you have children and they take a bath then please take the time to watch this short video. Your children will thank you. (there's a short commercial before it starts).

Click here to watch video:

Disgusting right? So here are some practical steps to help your kids stay healthy and safe during bath time:

1. Throw out all bath toys with holes in them.

2. Disinfect with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

3. Let the toys air dry and store in a closed bin outside the bathtub.

4. Buy bath toys without holes.

5. Keep the toilet lid closed when flushing the toilet. Fecal matter can spray up to 20 feet away. Gross!

Since Brian does bath time at our house I had him find all the toys that had holes in them. I took a gander at one before they were thrown away and I saw the black stuff the video talked about coming out the end of the toy. It was disgusting. To think about the times my girls have put their toys in their mouths and sucked out the water makes me sick to my stomach.

I think the Easter bunny will need to bring some new bath toys for the girls.


The Lane Family said...

I saw this segment on the Today show as well and it really grossed me out..so we have done all of the things it mentioned as well as throwing a lot of toys away.

We too will be asking the Easter Bunny for new bath toys!!

Elisabeth said...

Oh my, That segment grossed me out.

I don't know if you know but sweet Layla went to heaven this morning. My heart is so broken for her family.

Krista said...

Elisabeth, yes I got the tweet this morning. I am heartbroken as well. I can't imagine their loss. I will continue to pray for them. It will be a long road for sure. Praise God she is no longer in so much pain and she's dancing in Heaven.

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