The budding geographer

Tonight, I was looking at a blog and Brooklyn was sitting next to me in our recliner. All of a sudden she said, "Stop mommy. I see a map. Go back to the map mommy". So I scrolled back up to the map so she could take a look.

She then pointed out several things that were missing. She pointed to the left of the map and said, "Where we live is missing" (North America). Then she went on to tell me that she couldn't see the other half of Russia or Australia. However, she could see where the pyramids were.

She is her daddy's daughter all the way. His love of maps has rubbed off on her and she can't get enough of them. When her daddy was 4 he would get out his atlas and draw Antarctica and other continents and countries. Brooklyn is 4 and loves to draw Madagascar and several states. Her favorites are Tennessee (for obvious reasons) and Florida because that's where Disney World is located.

Tonight Brooklyn was watching basketball with daddy and she wanted to know the full names of the teams playing and where they were from. First daddy said Butler from Indianapolis, Indiana and Syracuse, from Syracuse, N.Y. To which Brooklyn replied, "I love New York". Hilarious. Remind you the child has never been to New York. I think she just loves the buildings she sees and the bridge she was named after. Well, she wasn't named after the bridge or the city really. We just liked the name Brooklyn.

Brian wants me to interject that he did pick Butler to beat Syracuse. He's a happy man tonight.

Do you know where the pyramids are located?


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