My little Picasso

Brooklyn loves to draw. She is always asking me for a pen and some paper. She would rather do that than anything else. The girls also like to paint. Sydney's idea of painting is sticking her hands in the paint and smears it all over her paper. She's done in about 5 mintutes and then she's off to play. Brooklyn on the other hand, really takes her time to make just the perfect painting. I was pleasantly surprised with her paintings a couple of days ago. I thought they turned out great. I had to take a picture of them and email them to daddy at work so he could see it. Brian had a great idea to make them into thank you cards. So we will be working on that.

She immediately told me this was a picture of her Auntie RoRo. Auntie RoRo is my sister Rachelle who stayed with us while Brian was in Canada. (Notice that she is anatomically correct.) The girls love their auntie RoRo because she has a cute little dog named Milo who comes to visit everytime she stays the night with us when daddy is out of town.
And of course this is a picture of Milo. I loved this picture.

Thursday Brooklyn made gingerbread houses at school. The moms were invited to come help their kids out. This was so much fun. Brooklyn loved making her house. I think she ate more frosting and candy then she put on her house, but I guess that's half the fun. It was so neat for me to see her in a classroom setting. We had a great time.


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