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I love blogging and I love this community for such a time as this.  Today, I need your help.  Brian and I are passionate about non profit work.  In fact, Brian started a monthly "think tank" for local non profits in our city.  It's a place where they can come together and bounce ideas around and figure out ways that each of their causes can become greater and reach more people.

One of Brian's friends, Dru (CEO of Sole Hope) and his wife Asher, (founder of Sole Hope), need your help.  Please take 3 minutes to watch this video.  You can help change the life of a child and it won't cost you a penny.

I don't know about you, but that video moved me to tears.  I had no idea such a thing even existed.  I had never heard of jiggers.  This is something that doesn't need to happen and can be so easily prevented.  I take for granted daily, the simple fact of lacing up my shoes.  I don't give it a second thought.  I have to yell at my kids in the morning to get their shoes on.  These kids don't have that luxury.  I love to watch my girls run and play and I never have to worry about them getting a painful disease because they don't have shoes on their feet.

So how can you help?  Right now, Sole Hope was selected as one of 30 charities to win a $50,000 grant.  This would enable them to provide jobs & shoes to orphans and widows right now and it won't cost you a cent! They have an awesome chance of winning, but they need your help.  They have been going back and forth between first and second place.
It really only takes a few seconds to cast your vote.  Please click here and help Sole Hope win this amazing grant.  You can vote everyday.  Contest ends March 30th. 

Here are some other ways you can help out this amazing ministry.

1. Like them on Facebook and share Sole Hope with your friends.
2. Follow them on Twitter @SoleHope
3. Vote everyday until March 30th.
4. Blog about it.
5. Order a shoe kit, it's free.  This is an awesome project you can get your kids involved in or you can take it a step further and host a shoe cutting party at your house or your church.
6. Donate to make a difference in the life of a child.  Just $10 can provide a pair of shoes for a child in need.

The Lord has laid it on my heart to go a step further.  For every comment that is left on my blog, I will personally donate  $1 to Sole Hope.  Just leave me a comment telling me that you voted for Sole Hope. 

Now I have given you two ways to help and it hasn't cost you anything but a few mintues of your time.

The time is now to help these children.  "I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!"   Matthew 25:40


Briapedia said...

Great blog, babe! I've known Dru for something like 16 years now, he's a great guy, great family, and it's so great to be able to support this!

happymomof2 said...

WOW! Had no idea, thank you for sharing!!!

Christine said...

Thanks for supporting Sole Hope! We have been voting every day and just sent off 38 shoe sets!

Joy said...

This is such a great post! Thank you for sharing this. I will be forwarding your blog from FB and adding it to the scroll on my blog :)
Many, many, blessings to you! I have been and will continue to vote for sole hope daily and tell everyone who will listen about it.

Crystal Naliaka Kigoni said...

Good deal :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Bless y
our heart!~Shea

Heather said...

I voted.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention Krit. Voting now.

Anonymous said...

I have voted as asked and will be giving you $10.00 to go with the money you will be donating.

pamk said...

Thanks for sharing! I voted and will vote every day for the rest of March!

Rachelle said...

Just casted my first vote! Yay! Thanks for sharing this with us all. Love you...RoRo:-)

sperlz said...

I'm voting, too!

Anonymous said...

We had a Sole Hope shoe cutting last night and cut out 80 pairs of shoes. It was fun and will have more shoe cuttings in the future.

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