Tuesday's Tip-Yogurt Pops

Today's Tuesday's Tip is a fun one your kids will love.  My girls love frozen yogurt, but let's face it, heading to the yogurt shop everyday is just not in the budget.  Plus I know exactly what the ingredients are in the yogurt pops I make at home.  I always buy organic or natural yogurt with no rBGH. 

It's super easy and inexpensive.  All you need are these Cool-Ups (Bed, Bath and Beyond $4.99) and yogurt.  Simply fill them with yogurt and stick in your freezer.  Easy Peasy!

It takes a few hours for them to freeze.  I try to fill them at night so they are ready for them the next day.  This is one of Brooklyn and Sydney's favorite snacks to grab when they come home from school.

Having their snack before helping mommy juice.    


LLH Designs said...

Reminds me of a healthy version of the orange push-up pops I used to eat as a kid. Wouldn't dare let my kids eat those with all that food dye, so these would be great! I need to get my juicer out again. I always feel so clean and good. Just hate the clean up work!


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