Stuck Like Glue

I was expecting a relaxing day at home after I dropped off the girls at school. I had a million things to do, on my list that really needed to get done, but that wasn't meant to be. I had just walked in the door at about 10:30 when my cell phone rang. My heart raced. I knew it was the school. I panicked. Which child and was it serious? I picked up the phone. "Hi Krista, It's Ms. B". I just said, "Is Sydney OK?" "Yeah she's fine", she said, "But I think you might want to come and get her". She went on to tell me that Sydney was playing on the playground and tripped and fell face first into the chain link fence surrounding the playground. She told me she may need stitches.

I immediately got back into my car and drove to their school. I also called my dad, since he lives just about 5 minutes from the school, because I knew he could get there before I could. I got to the school and Papa was holding Syd. She wasn't crying, but seemed content sucking on her heart sucker. They got the bleeding to stop after awhile and they had put a band aid on her forehead. I called my doctor and they told me to bring her in right away.
After the doctor inspected her cut, he determined he could glue it instead of stitch it. The cut was deep enough that something had to be done, but it wasn't long enough for stitches. It would only take one stitch and then she would have the two dots where the needle went in and since it was on her face, we didn't want to go that route. Thank the Lord! She handled it like a trooper and I took her to Old McDonald's, as she calls it, for an ice cream cone and to play on the playground. I truly am so thankful to the Lord that it wasn't any worse. That she didn't catch her eye on the fence when she fell. That it wasn't deeper and bigger that it required stitches. Thank you Lord for your hand of protection on my sweet Sydney Kate.


happymomof2 said...

LOL! My youngest calls it Old McDonalds too!!! So happy to hear that stitches weren't needed! Hope you all have a relaxing fun weekend:)

Penny said...

Good thing they could just glue it~ I'm sure it will fade with time. :)

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