Dancin with my girls

Tonight's post is being brought to you by my hubby. Thanks babe.

Last night, I got to take two of my three favorite girls to a dance. (Krista got her Valentine’s date on Friday.) This was Brooklyn’s second Daddy-Daughter Dance, and Sydney’s first. Throw in two cousins and a neighbor, and about 200 other 3- to 12-year-olds, and you got yourself a party.
Brooklyn was the old pro, and told Sydney Kate and their friend Grace everything they could expect at the dance. Punch, cookies, dancing, and colorful balloons were described in detail, although I think Syd only made it to cookies before she got too excited to concentrate.

Having two girls this time was easier and harder than last time. Syd is an explorer and was all over the place, so I had to try to chase her down a few times. It wasn’t till the end (when she started getting tired and the sugar was wearing off) that she wanted to dance with just me. She and Brooklyn entertained each other most of the night, with a few dances with daddy thrown in. Otherwise, it all cousins, screams, and sugar cookies.
This is certainly one of those times I’ll cherish. Right now, I’m the coolest guy in their universe (with the possible exception of Alvin Seville). A month or two ago, Brooklyn told me she wanted to marry me when she grows up, so that I can have an old wife and a young wife. When I’m with the girls out in public, I’ll have 50-something guys walk by and with a knowing smile say “Enjoy it now, its not going to last forever!” You know what old dudes? The next one of you who tells me that is going to get a knee in the groin. I know time is fleeting, I know they won’t think I’m this awesome forever, and I know I can’t change that. But I am making sure I do things like this now so I’ll have those memories later. Being a dad is awesome.


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Adorable, Brian. Hear me giggling?

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