Ok, I knew y'all would like my bro-in-law, I just didn't know how much. I love reading your comments. Thank you for posting them. I love the ones that posted for their friends. That made me laugh because that's so something I would have done. I think it's great.

Thank you again Kelly for hosting. What a great idea and so much fun. I sent Eddy an email to check out all the comments on my blog. If you left me your information, I am going to copy it all down and give a list to him. Don't be surprised if you get an email from him. He does leave for Haiti in a week so it might be after he gets back.

Thanks again for stopping by. Now it's my turn to check out all the links and see if I can find a guy for my sister who is single and an amazing catch. We'll see what happens. Have a great weekend.


Kristen @ said...

haha that is way too cute! I just clicked over from Kelly's and I love that she did this, such a good idea!!

sarah said...

I clicked on the link from Kellys Korner. What a great sister you are! My sister and brother in law just ask me why I'm single and do nothing to fix me up with anyone. Of course my brother in law was scared of me for the first few months of them being together. I cornered him and questioned him on where he saw the relationship going. It's my twin sister and I didn't want to see her hurt. Now he is one of my best friends and is a blessing to me. It is nice to see someone trying to fix up both your brother in law and your sister - ever try to fix them up together? Seems like he will be busy with all of the single ladies. Haahaa - guess I'm now one of them adding my information! Its encouraging to see that single guys are out there who love the Lord, love his nieces (my nephews are a joy) and have a family who loves them and thinks highly about them to post such an encouraging profile about them.

Single Lady said...

Ok, so I NEVER do this. And I really mean this. But I've thought about it for 2 days now. And I'm very intrested in hearing about the Haiti trip if possible. See I returned from a 16 day mission trip to the Dominican Republic on Sunday, 2 days during the trip we spent at an orphanage in Haiti.
So here's my info as well,
I'll be praying for their team while they are there. If you get this before they leave one thing I HIGHLY recomend for the trip is bug spray, the mosquitos are like a plague down there.

Nicole said...

I saw your post weeks ago through Kelly's Korner and just finally decided to send a quick message. I don't have a blog but do have a facebook page and live in VA. Email is Take care! :)

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